Sample Work


    Dillusions Digital Media recently launched the updated site for, developed to provide rich media grief resources to those who have lost a loved one.

  • Thomson Broadcast Equipment: “Reframing”

    Thomson Broadcast Equipment: “Reframing”

    This digital signage piece, was part of a series of 6 promotional animations that Dillusions producted, delivered during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas. Thomson is a world renowned supplier of video broadcast and distribution equipment.

  • Waterloo Airshow (2010-2014)

    Waterloo Airshow (2010-2014)

    Dillusions Digital Media has been a proud provider of marketing related materials in the form of print ads, posters, and digital ads, promoting this Southern Ontario event.

  • Bomb Energy Drink

    Bomb Energy Drink

    Produced for Bomb Energy as a promotional tool, this special effects rich piece includes 3D/2D animation and particle effects to showcase the Bomb Energy Drink.

  • Kelvin Thermal Energy

    Kelvin Thermal Energy

    This four minute, updated combination video, motion graphics and 3D animation piece highlights the features and benefits of Kelvin Thermal Energy's TEMS unit.

  • Kelvin Storage – Introducing TMES

    Kelvin Storage – Introducing TMES

    Kelvin Storage introduces the Thermal Matrix Energy Storage (TMES) to capture off-peak electricity and supplement power generation resulting in reduced costs and emissions. This piece involved detailed 3D animations of the units operation. Motion graphics and final video edit.

  • Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

    Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

    This static HTML page site was developed to showcase the various services available at the Flight Centre. A new, CMS based site is currently in development for WWFC, which will allow quicker and easier updates for Flight Centre staff.


    Kidomo is an Ontario based live events production company, specializing in delivering entertainment for children. With a wealth of characters and property brands represented, including Barney, Bob the Builder, My Little Pony and more, Kidomo is the premiere provider of small and large scale events across Canada. The most recent was launched in late 2011.

  • Vipernorth


    This site, developed for Pilot Richard Cooper, an airshow performer and promoter, utilized flash to add motion to showcase the thrilling acts and aerobatics that Richard provides.

  • Thomson: 50th Anniversary Video

    Thomson: 50th Anniversary Video

    Produced for Thomson, makers of broadcast and video distribution equipment.

  • Sony Home Theatre Promo: Digital Signage

    Sony Home Theatre Promo: Digital Signage

    This digital signage piece created for Sony heped promote the launch of a new home theatre system.

  • Quatrefoil Restaurant

    Quatrefoil Restaurant

    This site, built on flash, promoted the new Quatrefoil Restaurant dining experience in Dundas Ontario.

  • Tide: Digital Signage
  • Hbc Rewards Card: Digital Signage

    Hbc Rewards Card: Digital Signage

    Produced for the Hbc digital signage network, this piece incorporated motion graphics and effects to highlight the recently launched Hbc Rewards card.

  • Dixieware: Digital Signage

    Dixieware: Digital Signage

    This spot, developed for digital signage networks across Canada under the Hudson's Bay Company retail stores (the Bay, Zellers, Home Outfitters), showcased the new line of Dixieware containers. Particle effects were used in this peice to generate the steam.

  • Elizabeth Arden: Digital Signage

    Elizabeth Arden: Digital Signage

    Produced for the Bay Digital Signage network, and utilizing custom designed 3D models to recreate the glass bottles to allow for quick and synchronized movement.

  • Launch Commercial Launch Commercial

    This 3D animation piece was produced for the launch of Hudson's Bay Company's launch of, an online shopping destination. This was entirely produced in 3D under very tight timeframes.

  • Paramount Pictures DVD Launch: Digital Signage

    Paramount Pictures DVD Launch: Digital Signage

    Produced for the Zellers digital signage network to promote various Paramount DVD releases.

  • Bluenotes Gift Card: Digital Signage

    Bluenotes Gift Card: Digital Signage

    Produced to promote the launch of a holiday gift card for Bluenotes.

  • Ajax Downs: Digital Signage

    Ajax Downs: Digital Signage

    Produced for the launch of Ontario Lottery and Gaming's Ajax Downs new location - this piece was featured on a large display board outside the facility, as well as internally on the digital signage network.